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Welp its been some months now that i've been driving with the carputer inside the car... I've learnt many new things in the process (had win98SE->winme and now windows 2000 pro which should have been there from starters). I've handeled many power issues (my battery died, fixed the power buttons, opus 90 and USB) , software issues (os, and D3) and more... the latest outcome can be viewed here:  new images




Wow what a service i got from , i've did an order from them , and they had a server problem so i didnt get any notice about the order, i tried ordering it 2 days ago and again i got an error, i called (international call) and they answered very fast and very nice, and said it has already got to me on the 25/03 ... 3 days later it got here...

so im very pleased with their service. the MicroModule joystick is a seril/ps2 oem module (very small joystick) from very stiff rubber costed me $9.90 a piece (i got 2) and it works great... im going to install it nicely somwhere in the of it can be seen in the images section.

Now all is left it connecting it all together in the car(to the battery , to the MicroModule and to the keyboard...). Hopefully ill have sometime soon...



A week ago or so i've had a spare hour, so i said ok lets solder the cables and finish with them. Boy it took me the whole two hours...i thought it would be easy but it was a pain soldering them...i've found the battery rings need to be connected to the cables(so that i would be able connecting the cables to the battery), also was a pain, none knew what im talking about nor had it.

So now im waiting for a free time to test the opus in the car and house it all in there..slowly but surely. Take care for now.


Welp , after along time of waiting, searching and more, finally i've got the cables... that was the hardest part getting, they wouldnt sell these here for less than 305meters a cable, you wont find it here anywhere! and

i had to go through alot getting them , i would like to thank the person who got em for me, because of him i got them now(you know who you are...) THANKS!

plus, i've ordered while i was in london (because i wasnt sure i'll find any cable here), a very good quality power cable, it has a very big fuse, and its gold plated its my backup power cable. Plus i've ordered a special screen hand for my car model , the company who made them sent me an Audi A8 one, so i had to resend it and now im waiting for the right one (hopefully) to arrive.

The company who imports the finger mouse , stopped importing it, so there he goes!!! i'll have to find other thing for the control, in the meantime i dont have spare time to share so hopefully after ill finish my "home work" for the university and more stuff for work, ill have a free time soldering them as i want ... till the next time, Take care.



Welp, I've got today the Edimax mini wireless usb adapter 11mbps 7117U and the editmax wireless Access Point 7026APB Or something alike. Hopefully tommorow i'll get the OFF-TABLE mice and be done with the hardware needs for awhile. Now i'll be in the process of finding some cables for IGN/+/- to be connected to the OPUS. and will update afterwards...Stay tuned


Currently i'm in the search of 3 cables for the opus to the battery.I cant find the awg12,awg14 and awg18 any of them, i tried searching them in many places here but couldnt find any.

Im waiting for my mice to arrive, its an off-table track mouse, or you can go for more info. I would have find other mice but its not that simple here doing so. That wasnt that easy to find either.In addition im waiting for my Wireless lan the access point is an Edimax 11mbps you can find info here: and the adapter is an Edimax 7117U mini usb adapter, more info can be found here: hopefully they will interface well with my current home network and will keep its pace.