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The Links back


First thing first, I would like to say an huge "THANK YOU!" to all the people who takes a part in you rock. So the first link is of the best site about carpc -


MediaEngine- . Its the software which makes it all nicer and simpler for the us, thanks continue maintain it a good software.

Magical Glass - . Thanks Alexander for all your help and effort to make it even better. The Magical Glass is a freeware that magnifys the region beneath the glass something which is undoable without the use of overlay (if the video card supports it), the software does this great. It got zoom capabilities, glass size changes, autostart and more such as different glass types.

Real VNC - . The software that enables you full control of remote computer, very useful and very cool, oh and its a freeware too!.

Map Monkey (Destinator 3 Frontend) - . The software which'll make your D3 running from PC with more features you could expect.



Opus PSU - . Should i say more? if you havent heared about the Opus you should check your knowledge about carpc. The opus is an amazing product, it allows you to connect your pc straight to the car electricity (to the battery) while maintaining the pc in a controlled environment(no glitches, cranking etc...). A pure DC-DC psu, on a nice small open board with a mini-controller, what else would you want from a PSU? plus it got great support, THANKS KRIS, for all your kind help and support, very reliable, please continue that way.

Via Epia M10000 - . The via epia , the ITX leading manufacturer. Buy the board and you bought yourself a computer. Very nice product , in the near future it will be even smaller (currently 17x17 cm).

Rayming  TN-200 USB GPS - . The usb gps i got , very cool product works great, also i got good service.

Soft Touch Foldable Keyboard Fold 2000 - , - My keyboard , also was a pain finding such over here... not to many options, this is a very cool keyboard but its size is like a regular 102 keys keyboard, that i didnt know, i did know when i got it alright :) .. but will have to get along.

Interlink MicroModule pointing device(joystick) - - My input device , very good very cheap and does the work. Its made off a strong rubber, built for OEM machines and mobile computers in an harsh environment , pics of it in images...


Sirius Cybernetics - , . Because of you I saw what i wanted to do is possible. From starters i wanted the carpc to be in the glovebox, you showed me its possible, you did a nice and clean job , very impressive.