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The Hebrew Section

Hi & welcome to the Hebrew section, here i'll hopefully with the help of you, post as much solutions,ideas,plugins etc... to the community living in Israel.


Hebrew fonts!

If someone accomplished hex changing Dest.dll and is willing to share, please do..

The other simple solution is downloading this reg file and running it. It creates 2 fields under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes
named Tahoma,0 AND Tahoma Bold,0 . It will make your Mapmonkey display hebrew (among other programs which uses the Tahoma font :) ) . Thanks for Ageor for forum!!!


OSK - skin


I'm looking for someone who can do GFX for a nice, good Hebrew OSK .... i did mine but it sucks :(

thats the "sneakpick"... (i've forgot the TAF i know... :) )


Hebrew Skins...

Same problem here... would love to see some GFX expert do a nice clean skin with hebrew fonts


Hebrew related Plugins

I'm not sure if yellow pages pc program can share the info and if so if it's streets , city etc.. names are the same as Destinator's (same with DVASH's phonebook) .

But it would be cool to have a phone book plugin which we will write the name of the person , use the db of the phone book, and show its location in Map Monkey... i'll gladely code such if i'll only knew where to get the phonebook DB .... maybe more ideas on this subject...



Please suggest and share us with hebrew related plugins... any idea/plugin/skin/OSK keyboard/font solution will be gladely posted and appriciated ofcourse!

you can mail me to